The Model Remodel details one project from concept to completion online, in print and on social media. Along the way, viewers will learn what makes a design great, how to select products and materials, and helpful tips and tricks.

This year we watch a cramped, dated home in suburban Los Angeles transform into a bright, expansive space made for outdoor living and entertainment. This whole house remodel includes plans for a second floor addition with outdoor living space, a new master suite, chef’s kitchen, and reimagined family room.



Bill Simone, Custom Design & Construction

Bill Simone, is president of Custom Design & Construction, based in El Segundo, Calif. One of the pioneers of the design/build concept, Simone is widely known as an industry leader, and is one of only a few remodelers to sit on the board for Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. Simone’s projects have been featured in regional publications as well as Time magazine and the Los Angeles Times. http://www.visitcustomdesign.com/



Professional Remodeler

Professional Remodeler is more than a magazine, website and social media presence. It’s a vibrant conversation. One voice comes from the editors who tell the stories that remodelers need to make their business stronger and smarter. The other voice comes from the audience, 96,000 professionals in an industry that’s reshaping one of the most profound concepts of human existence: Home. The ModelReModel is part of that discussion with videos, blogs, tips and product information on a unique and wonderful project.

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