Blocking the Sound with Batts

A little insulation saves a lot of energy and blocks just as much sound

With final rough inspection approved at Custom Design & Construction's Sheldon Street house, the next steps will start to really pick up pace again. Today, and only today (these guys move fast), is insulation installation.

A team of two is all it takes to pack in the pink stuff for the entire house, and in just a few hours to boot. Using long poles to place R30 fiberglass batts in the ceilings and R13 in the walls, the guys from Allied Insulation make quick work of the job.

Not only will the end result going provide thermal efficiency for heating and cooling, but the sound-dampening qualities are incredible even before drywall has gone in: With this stuff in and doors closed, it’s dead quiet in here.

“That’s why I always want to see it installed between floors and ceilings in two-story construction like this,” says Dan. “It makes a huge difference with acoustics, and it’s worth every extra penny.”

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