Bringing in a Specialist for HVAC Prep

Proper HVAC means getting your ducts in a row, even when there’s a wall in the way

With the decision made on how to proceed with HVAC, a new hurdle has presented itself (this is, after all, a remodel): Ductwork needs to be run beneath the house, but that means in two areas that are hemmed in by continuous concrete footings, holes will need to be cut and cored.

To take care of that specialty job, Custom Design & Construction brings in Sammy Mestre with Concrete Coring Company. Two different access holes—one square, the other round—and two different angles of attack call for multiple types of tools, from a core drill with a 10-inch bit to high-cycle, hand-held circular and chain saws.

The heavy-duty gear powered by Mestre’s on-board truck generator gets the job done with relative ease. Relative being a relative term, of course: Sure, the circular core drill can be mounted to the foundation that’s being drilled and ratcheted through the job, whereas the handheld square cuts have to be muscled through with brute force.

And all of the work is done in cramped, dark and dirty quarters with the water that flows constantly to lubricate the cutting tools, creating a muddy mess. So yes, it’s done with “ease” if you’re an observer, but if you’re Mestre, by job’s end, you could be considered for a spot on TV’s “Dirty Jobs.”

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