Hiding Ducts and Raising Registers

The team works to create sightly—and safer—solutions for concealing the HVAC system

In the 1960s TV classic “Lost in Space,” the Robinson family’s faithful, arm-flailing robot had appendages made of bellows that looked suspiciously like HVAC ducts. While that may have seemed techy and futuristic in its day, the last thing a modern home on Earth needs is to resemble a retro robot.

The challenge on the second floor of Custom Design & Construction's Sheldon Street project is that there’s no attic in which to hide those shiny, silver ducts. The HVAC guys ran them down the length of the center ridge beam, so now they’ll be enclosed in a chase, along with the FAU itself, so the whole shebang has been framed out and will be enclosed with drywall when that phase arrives.

Also on the HVAC front, Dan has asked that floor registers in the bathrooms be relocated up onto the wall, about a foot off the ground, and he’s got a pretty convincing argument for why: “I’ve seen tub and toilet overflows end up pouring into floor registers, which creates a huge problem,” he explains. “The ducts have to be disconnected, and cleaned, and dried. If they’re not, it can lead to mold and odor.” So the registers will be located off the floor to avoid that problem in the first place.
To paraphrase the Robinson’s robot, this does compute.

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