Installing Door Pans That Protect

A good door will protect a home—if it’s protected first

The Sheldon Street team has chosen to feature LaCantina doors throughout the house. Specifically, they’ll be installing LaCantina’s Aluminum Thermally Controlled Stacking & Pocketing Multi Slide Door systems and Swing Door systems.

door sill pan installation at sheldon street house

When you’re using top-notch products like these, you want ensure they’re properly installed. That way, you know they'll function mechanically without a hitch, provide years of thermal performance and energy efficiency, and create a barrier from the elements, all while looking effortlessly beautiful.

So how do you ensure that proper installation? Start with soundly constructed, square and plumb wood framing and sturdy galvanized sheet metal pans. In the case of the latter, Custom Design & Construction's crew has created 5/8-inch-deep sill pans on site for an optimal, customized fit.

The pans are glued and screwed into place on the floor and caulked to ensure that once the LaCantina door frames are placed within them, they’ll be properly protected from anything Mother Nature might throw their way.

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