It's Roof-Raisin' Time

And while we're at it, let's talk turkey (and we don't mean you, Dan)

Fun fact: A group of domesticated turkeys is called a “rafter.” Early American colonists dubbed them that after they noticed roof rafters were where the plump birds preferred to roost.

Here at Custom Design & Construction's Sheldon Street project in El Segundo, rafters are in abundance. Fortunately, turkeys are not. Otherwise we’d be, well, flocked.

With that massive 54-foot ridge beam in place, quicker than you could say, “Framers, raise that roof!” they’ve done just that. Rafters have gone up, fascia has gone on, and almost in the blink of an eye—four short hours, to be precise—the AdvanTech ZipSystem roof sheathing has topped this baby, and it’s looking like an honest-to-gosh house!

roof sheathing on the 2018 model remodel

“We used MiTek hangers and straps,” says Dan. There are hundreds of connectors to securely tie together the various members—flat straps where two flat surfaces meet, L-straps where OSB sheath meets rafter. Up along the ridge beam, joists sit in rafter hangers, and at the other end they're connected with AC clips. We've used MP4F flat connectors, HUS210 2x10 hangers, HD412 double joist hangers, KECCQ66 offset saddles, MSTA straps, and KCCW71-4 beam saddles all over the job. On the exterior side, pre-primed fascia board covers the rafter tails so they aren’t exposed to the elements and start to twist and decay.” 

As for the speed of the roof sheathing install, “With a couple of guys cutting and couple of guys nailing,” Dan says with a shrug, “the whole thing goes on pretty quickly.”

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