Mitigate Moisture with the Right Ventilation

When making the choice for bathroom ventilation, dehumidification is key.

For the longest time, exhaust fans installed in bathrooms went by the very unglamorous term “fart fan,” and their sole function was equally inglorious: To remove malodorous air.

“They were just metal fan blades spinning in a tin housing,” says Dan. “They didn’t work all that well, and they made noise right out of the box. I had one in a house of my own that made three times as much noise as modern units, and when I held a tissue up to it to check the draw, the tissue fell to the floor!”

Exhaust ventilation has greatly improved in the days since, but perhaps even more important today is humidity control. To account for this, Custom Design & Construction has chosen Air King AK80H units with DH55 dehumidistat switches. Under constant power, these units switch on and off several ways:

  1. Manually, when a person enters and exits the room and activates the light switch;
  2. Automatically, via motion detector; and 
  3. Automatically, by way of an adjustable humidistat. 

As such, humidity levels are being constantly monitored, mitigating mold growth and moisture damage to finishes.

As for operational noise, you’d be hard pressed to hear much of anything from the Air King products. “They have high-quality plastic squirrel cages to move air and very solid bearings,” says Dan. “And they’re super easy to install.”

When combined with DH55 controls, Air King exhaust fans are ENERGY STAR compliant and can be used to comply with California’s Title 24 code as well as CALGreen standards and those required by LEED homes.


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