Movin' On Up

Framing begins on the second story

Several members of the framing crew are working upstairs, though thanks to Bill’s wide-open floor plan, their task is fairly limited in scope: Aside from the exterior walls, there’s just one enclosed bathroom up here.

Model Remodel 2018 2nd story framing

Downstairs, Virgilio works on the 14-riser staircase, cutting stringers from 2x12 planks and working atop a temporary bench made from 2x4s attached to a newly built wall. Necessity—and a bunch of extra 2x4s—is the mother of invention.

Model Remodel 2018 staircase riser creation

Outside, scaffolding has been erected to allow the framers to continue installing the Huber ZIP System sheathing on the second story.

Model Remodel 2018 2nd story scaffolding

With one crew member devoted to full-time cleanup, this is one tidy jobsite, and freeing up the others from that work allows them to stay on task. That includes the framer already working on roof gables. Rumor has it a massive ridge beam is arriving in a few days, so those gables have been constructed to accommodate it.

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