Perfect Your Drywall Install

A blend of speed, precision, and cooperation gets the drywall into place

We’ve reached the drywall stage at Custom Design & Construction's Sheldon Street project, and true to form, this small team of two hangers moves with incredible speed and efficiency, making it clear that the advance work of shimming and trimming and marking was invaluable.

While one hanger measures and calls out the numbers to his partner, the second hanger marks and cuts the pieces to the required dimensions. He hands the cut piece to his partner, who deftly screws it into place with a power drill that drives the drywall screws to the precise depth, countersinking just enough to allow for mud to cover over the head—but not so deep that it tears the paper.

It’s especially impressive to watch the pair work on the rise and run of the stairs: plenty of numbers called, lots of corresponding cuts made, and the result is a perfect fit in a flash.

In areas that may experience moisture (behind plumbing fixtures, for example), green board is applied, and where heavy water usage may cause mold (behind showers and baths), blue board is specified.

In two days, the entire home is drywalled and, after inspection, it’ll be on to taping and mudding.

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