A Simple Seal for Sheathing

If you've ever used masking tape, you'll have no problem with the Zip System flashing tape.

The AdvanTech Zip System sheathing has been in place and ready to go at Custom Design & Construction's Sheldon Street project, and now it's time to seal those seams. We've already seen how Zip System's rugged bonded outer layer seals out the elements while alleviating the need for tar paper or other types of wrapping, which can be time-consuming and subject to tears.

Now we'll add Zip System flashing tape to the mix, an easy process that requires nothing in the way of tools beyond a blade (to cut off strips) and a simple roller (to properly seal and smooth the tape). You can do it without those tools, but using them sure makes the job go quickly.

The pre-printed guides on the sheathing indicate exactly where to apply the tape over the seams. Just cut a strip off the roll with shears or a razor blade, and once in place, press it down and smooth it out with the rolling tool.

The rugged tape has four plys: A slip-resistant outer layer; a second layer that provides weather and UV protection; a bonding layer between the two outer layers; and the bottom layer which, finally, an advanced, acrylic, all-weather adhesive. The combination of these four layers makes for a long-lasting, durable, impervious seal. And best of all, no more cumbersome house wrap flapping in the breeze!


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