That's Plumb Crazy

Plumbing complete in a third of the time? Sounds good to us.

Using SharkBite EvoPEX products has meant that the plumbing portion of Custom Design & Construction's Sheldon Street job has taken about a third of the time as a typical job of this size, according to Dan Dixon, who can’t quite say enough good things about the line. “It cuts like butter,” he says. “The push-to-connect system snaps together easily and the green indicator—the ‘go light,’ as I like to call it—tells you, you’re done!”

And it’s not just about job speed, though that’s huge. It’s also about ease of installation. “The fittings are leak-proof,” says Dixon, “but they still swivel even after you make the connections. That means easy 90s and Ts without worrying about a perfect angle like when soldering copper. Not to mention the pipe itself is flexible, so you can easily clear around obstacles and other work, like wiring. Anything that makes life dummy-proof, I like!”

Speaking of dummy-proof, the color-coded red and blue lines mean no more accidental switching. “When you’re on your back under a dark foundation soldering pipe,” says Dixon, “and you take a break, it’s very easy to forget which line was which when you start up again.”

Lastly, SharkBite EvoPEX products potentially mean an all-around safer work environment: No soldering means no hot torches to ignite fires.

And there’s nothing crazy about that.


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